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Shift Change

Feb 17, 2020

Justin Burkett is a full-time instructor with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary with experience in International and Clinical Nursing Education, Emergency Nursing and Healthcare Simulation. Justin is a member of the Clinical Simulation Learning Centre at the Faculty of Nursing with a special interest in mindfulness in the simulation environment.

We start by talking about the circuitous route that led Justin to nursing and leadership before exploring:

  • How it took one hundred applications to get a job in emerge
  • His experience taking students to Doha, Qatar and what he brought back with him
  • The relationship between nurses and the systems built around nursing
  • Leadership that begins with the self
  • What clinical simulation is and how mindfulness can and should be included
  • The experience of being male in a predominantly female profession 
  • The identity crisis of registered nurses
  • What can we do with the ‘just-a-nurse’ mentality